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Online Payment Benefits

Once you’ve signed up, you can:

  • View and pay your bills anytime (24/7)
  • View and pay your bills from anywhere (any computer with an internet connection)
  • Set up an automatic payment
  • Sign up for automatic reminder emails
  • Review your payment history
  • Convenience

Have you ever looked at a calendar and suddenly realized that your rent was due that day? Or worse yet, it was due a few days ago and that it is now late? With online rent payments, these concerns are a thing of the past. Simply hop on your computer and in just a few minutes, your rent is paid! Or remove all doubt and schedule a payment in advance so your rent is paid automatically. PLUS, you get the added benefit of not having to write checks, address envelopes, or buy stamps.


In a world where online financial predators seem more and more common, we understand if you have reservations about entering your bank account information online. But fear not! Your information is password protected and all transactions are both encrypted and securely transmitted.

Tenant Services

Screening Guidelines

Complete Applications

  • We will not review incomplete applications. If pets are accepted there will be an increased security deposit; a copy of the latest vaccination record will be required at time of signing the rental agreement.


  • Applicants must show 2 pieces of identification; 1 must include a photo.

Prior Rental History

  • Rental history of 2 years must be verifiable from unbiased/unrelated sources. Applicants must provide us with the information necessary to contact past landlords. We reserve the right to deny an application if, after making a good faith effort, we are unable to verify prior rental history.

Sufficient Income/Resources

  • Net household income shall be at least 3 times the rent. Income/resources must be verifiable through pay stubs, current tax records and/or bank statements. Verifiable employment of 5 years. If co-signers are acceptable for a property, the co-signer must live locally.

Credit/Criminal/Public Records Check

  • Negative reports may result in denial of application. Any individual who is a current illegal substance abuser, or has been convicted of the illegal manufacture or distribution of a controlled substance or any other violent felony may be denied tenancy.

Maintenance & Emergencies


  • Please log into your Tenant Portal to report a maintenance issue. Once logged in, you can submit a new maintenance request and view the status of any previous requests. Requests are reviewed Monday to Friday from 9 am to 5 pm.
  • If you have an emergency, please call your local management office and follow the recorded instructions.

What is an Emergency and what is not?

  • A fire is an emergency. Please call 911 first, and then notify your local Plus office as well.
  • Water leaking is an emergency. if it is causing damage to the structure, such as wetness in the carpet, walls, etc. Please contact your local Plus office immediately, and follow the instructions for emergency contact if you are calling after hours.
    • If you can contain the water, for example, by putting a bucket under a dripping sink pipe; that is not an emergency and a call to Plus during normal business hours would be preferred, or a voice message or email anytime.
  • If you suspect a gas leak, call your local fire department to check it out. Then report the results to your local management office. You can also call the gas company, but sometimes the fire department is quicker.
  • Problems with gas appliances: The gas company should investigate problems with gas appliances first. They will perform this service free of charge. If they determine that the problem is with the appliance, rather than the gas service, they will tag the appliance and describe the repair needed. Please contact your local Plus office once you have the report from the gas company.
  • Routine maintenance is not an emergency, but should still be reported to your local Plus office as soon as possible. For example torn screens, slow running drains, etc.

When you leave a message, please include:

  • Your name
  • Your property address, including unit number if applicable
  • A description of the problem
  • The best number to reach you for follow up

Thank you for helping us to help you!

Tenant Testimonials

Chris Obers of PLUS Property Management is highly professional, reliable and always prompt in responding to any needs or concerns I have as a tenant…I highly recommend Chris and his staff at PLUS Property.
—Mary Kay W.

Dear Peggy and Stella,
Thank you for renting property to me in these past few years. If it weren’t for the fact that I am moving out of the county, I would surely stay with your company.
Your group has been great; prompt to handle any request of mine, and always in a timely and professional manner. I appreciate your kindness, and will gladly recommend your services to any future clients.
Again, thank you; it’s been a pleasure, and trust that if I do come back into the area, I will certainly come in to see you.
—F. F. Razo | Arroyo Grande

Dear Peggy and Stella,
We want to thank you and your staff for your help and responsiveness in getting settled into our rental house. Every need and request has been handled in a timely and professional manner; and the workmen have been very pleasant to work with.
As renters, we can certainly recommend you and PLUS Property Management as courteous and effective.
Thank you again.
—D. Smith | Arroyo Grande

PLUS Property Employees: Thank you for your friendly personalities when we needed something and for always helping us or just smiling when we would come in to pay rent. You made renting an enjoyable experience. It was a pleasure working with you.
—S. Beasley | Lompoc

Thank you for the opportunity to rent from your company. I really appreciate PLUS Property Management for the professional service and maintenance of my apartment throughout my residency.
—A. La Shore | Lompoc